how to get rid of ants in lawn

Not only can Ants destroy the aesthetics of your lawn by building mounds and causing an uneven land but also cause damage to the grass and plants in your lawn or backyard. Ants are a nuisance not only indoors but also outdoors. Specie of Ants called the fire ant can cause health issue to people allergic to their bites especially if you have kids and pets that are eager to explore and play outside during those long summer afternoons or as soon as spring hits the lawn. They can easily move indoors if not treated and gotten rid of in time. So without further a due let us present you with solutions and remedies on how to get rid of Ants in lawn?

Why does my Lawn Attract Ants?

ants in lawn

Garden Ants are attracted towards garden beds and lawns that are not kept well; dry and patchy land that is. Lush green healthy lawns do not attract garden Ants; hence it’s important to maintain the quality and health of your lawn in order to reduce the ant problem in your lawn.

Natural Solutions to Deter and Get Rid of Ants in Lawn

Ants can be extremely destructive when it comes to lawns. Organic solutions to get rid of Ants and the complex Ant colonies in the yard are not only non-toxic but also safest to use moreover these are least damaging, contrary to chemical solutions.

Vinegar Ant Spray for Plants

vinegar ant spray

This vinegar ant spray will not only get rid of Ants but also unwanted weeds around the yard. Vinegar to kill ants can be used in a variety of ways. The vinegar ant spray is equally effective to get rid of Ants indoors. Be careful not to use the vinegar spray on plants that are sensitive to vinegar.

What you need:

Vinegar                       ½ c

Water                          1quart

Spray Bottle


Mix vinegar and water in the spray bottle and use around plants.

Essential oil Soap Spray to Get Rid of Ants:

essential oil soap to  get rid of ants

The aroma of essential oils will deter the Ants whereas the soap in the mixture helps in killing Ants nests in the lawn by clinging to the tiny ant bodies and suffocating them to death. A variety of essential oils to get rid of ants can be used.

What you need:

Essential oil of your choice

(Peppermint, tea tree, clove, lemon)              10drops

Water                                                                  2c

Dishwashing soap                                           3tbsp

Spray Bottle


Mix essential oils, water and soap in a spray bottle and use on the area around plants. The mixture can also be used to get rid of Ants nest by pouring it into the nest.

Canola Oil Soapy Solution to Get Rid of Ants

canola oil to kill ants

What you need:

Canola Oil                   1 ½ tbsp

Soap                            ½  tsp

Water                          1quart


Mix all ingredients together and pour the mixture into the ant nest. This combination of oil and soap will enter the outer skeleton of Ants, paralyze and suffocate them to death.

Cayenne Pepper Sauce Ant Solution for Your Lawn

cayenne pepper ant bait

What you need:

Cayenne pepper sauce             3tbsp

Soap                                        1tsp

Water                                      1quart

Spray Bottle


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Spray the solution on Ants and pour the remaining mixture into Ants nest. The Cayenne pepper sauce will exterminate the Ants by burning them whereas the soap will cling to their bodies suffocating them.

Soya Bean Plant Spray

soy bean plant spray

What you need:

Soya bean plant                       1 medium

Water                                      2c

Spray Bottle


Soak soya bean plant stem in water for 24 hours, strain and use as a spray in the garden to get rid of Ants.

Pine Oil Spray for Ants in Garden

pine oil to kill ants

Pine oil might smell good to us but it is very toxic for Ants. Add just a drop or two of pure pine oil to 1qt of water. Spray the mixture on affected areas.

Kill the Ants in the Lawn with Nicotine

Soak one cigarette, in one quart of water and let it sit for 24 hours. Strain the cigarette out of the water and use this nicotine water spray to get rid of pesky Ants in your lawn.


Nematodes are microscopic worms. These are natural rivals of Ants. These microscopic worms hunt down and devour Ants, forcing the Ants to move out and search for a new nest without a predator.

Ant Trap to Get the Ants Away from Your Lawn

ant trap

Ant traps are a relatively temporary solution to getting rid of ants in the garden. It will attract the scouts in the surroundings and trap them, but not wipe clean the source.

What you need:

Apple Cider Vinegar   ½ c

Sugar                           1tsp

Glass bottle with a narrow opening


Pour vinegar into the glass bottle, mix in sugar. Place bottles in different settings. The aroma of apple cider vinegar and sugar will not only attract Ants but other garden pests towards the trap as well. Discard and fill the bottle with a fresh mixture after every one or two weeks.

4 Natural Ant Baits to Get Rid of Ants in Lawn

Most of the ant species create massive nests underground which are extremely complex. It is best to use ant baits if the location of the ant nest is unknown. The Ants will carry the poisonous baits back o their colonies. However, it takes a few days for these natural Ants baits to work and kill the Ants.

Cornmeal Ant Bait for Lawn

corn meal ant biat

What you need:

Cornmeal                     2tbsp

Borax                          1tbsp

Sugar                           tbsp


Mix all ingredients together and divide into equal portions to be placed in different locations. The scent of sugar and cornmeal will attract the Ants, once the Ants have nibbled on cornmeal and borax, it will mess up their digestion and they will starve to death.

DIY Dry Yeast Ant Bait

yeast ant biat

What you need:

Active dry yeast          1part

Molasses                      2parts

Sugar                           1part


Mix all ingredients together and set the bait for Ants to eat. Once the active yeast is ingested by the Ants, until the Ants die, it will keep on expanding

Using Aspartame to Starve Ants to Death

aspartame to kill ants

Sprinkle a large quantity of aspartame on the ant nest and let it work its magic. Aspartame will work as a neurotoxin which will result in malfunctioning of their senses causing the pesky little Ants to starve themselves to death.

Using Plants to Get Rid of Ants in Lawn

There are certain plants that can be used to deter Ants in your lawn. Here is a list of plants that Ants definitely hate. These plants can be used as a border or beside other plants to keep Ants at a distance from your landscape gardens.


Ants hate the aroma of peppermint. It interferes with their ability to detect their pheromone trail. However, plant peppermint in pots as it can very quickly invade a lot of space in your garden.


Ants aren’t a big fan of tansy either. Place potted tansy near an entrance or as a fence to keep Ants away.

Sweet Bay Tree:

Sweet bay also keeps Ants at a distance from your backyard. Although sweet bay is a relatively large tree, it could be pruned over time into a shrub.


Like other ant repelling shrubs and tree, the strong aroma of lavender is disliked by the Ants hence acting like an ant deterrent.

Garden-Friendly Ant Repellents

Let us share our list of ant repellents that will not only deter Ants but are also beneficial for your lawn.

Diatomaceous Earth:

Sprinkle Food grade diatomaceous earth near the ant nest. Not only is it lethal for the Ants but it will also get rid of other pests in your lawn. DE kills the Ants by penetrating their exoskeleton and drying out their bodies. Be sure to use only food grade diatomaceous earth.

Powdered Charcoal:

Bio-char also commonly known as powdered charcoal is great for the garden plus it gets rid of Ants in your garden.

Bone Meal:

The smell of bone meal is loathed by Ants, but it is a great fertilizer for the lawn

Citrus Peels:

Scatter citrus peels around your plants, not only will the citrus deter Ants but the peels will eventually decompose and increase the humus in the soil making it more fertile. Soak citrus peels overnight in lukewarm water, strain and pour in a spray bottle. Use the citrus spray on plants to deter Ants. Be careful not to use too much, as it might disturb the ph of the soil.

The All in One Ant Spray:

Mix powdered Seaweed+ Cane pepper+ Rock dust+ Alpha Alpha meal+ dried Peppermint. Sprinkle this mixture around your plants in order to deter Ants.

Using Chemicals to get Rid of Ants in Lawn

There are a variety of off the counter products easily available in the market for when all has failed. Some of the most effective and commonly used products have been listed for you.

Ant Gels

This is ant poison, in gel form. It is an off the counter substitute for the boric acid solution we’ve mentioned earlier. The Ants are attracted to the sweet aroma of the get which they carry to their queen in the nest. Although it is poisonous, it is not harmful to your lawn and plants.

Ant Poison

Although very effective against Ants, these poisons can harm the plants. Extreme care should be taken while using ant poisons. It is preferable to use ant poison on outskirts and boundaries of your lawn to prevent the Ants from entering. Block the poisoned area to prevent children from coming in touch with the toxic chemical if used indoors.

Insecticide Granules

Insecticide granules should not be confused by granular baits which the Ants carry back to their nests. An insecticide granule kills the Ants when it comes in contact with the insecticide. These are not meant to target the nest.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Ants from Nesting in your Lawn

    •  Do not trim the grass too short, cut it on a higher lawn mowing setting.
    •  Fertilize the lawn twice a year.
    • Use special fertilizers for the lawn which have more nitrogen.
      • Sprinkle powdered cinnamon around pots and plants to deter Ants.
  • Coffee grounds can also be used around the pots and plants in order to keep the Ants away.

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