how to get rid of Ghost ants

Now you see them, now you don’t! Ghost ants are very small pale white ants that appear and disappear suddenly. The pale white colour makes it difficult to spot these ants, hence the name Ghost. These ants have a relatively dark head and thorax as compared to the rest of their body. The size of a Ghost ant is 1/16 inch. Like Pharaoh ants, Ghost ants can also be found in a variety of hot and humid regions like Florida. Although ghost ants are nonaggressive yet they can bite if they feel threatened. Shuffle through our list of tried and tested remedies on how to get rid of ghost ants naturally.

How to Spot a Ghost Ant from a Termite

ghost ant termite

    1. The body of a termite is rectangular without a waist, whereas ghost ants have a well-defined waist.
    1. Antennae of termites are straight but beaded; meanwhile, the antennae of ghost ants are elbowed.
  1. Ghost ants emit a coconut scent when crushed.

What attracts ghost ants?

Outdoors ghost ants are attracted to honeydew and indoors sweet food attracts ghost ants. Moisture and warmth also attract ghost ants. Ghost ants can be difficult to get rid of due to their ability to form multiple nests.  Like pharaoh ants, this species of ants also have multiple queens that scatter and build a new nest with their workers if feel threatened.

Planning on Getting Rid of Ghost Ants? Try our Natural Remedies

It’s always best to opt for a non-toxic solution for an infestation especially if you have kids and pets at home.

Ghost Ant Vinegar Repellent:

Vinegar is the most commonly suggested natural product to deter ghost ants. The pungent smell of vinegar not only deters the ants but also gets rid of the pheromone trail that the ghost ants leave to travel back and forth in search of food. Dilute vinegar in water and pour it in a spray bottle. Use this diluted vinegar solution as an ant repellent.

Using Soap to Get Rid of Ghost Ants:

get rid of ants soap

Soap is equally effective in getting rid of all kinds of ants, including ghost ants. Mix soap with an equal ratio of water and spray on ants. The mixture can also be used to flood the ant nest.

Ghost Ant Bait Using Cornmeal:

corn meal to get rid of ghost ants
Cornmeal mixed with borax results in very effective ant bait for ghost ants. Borax and cornmeal do not act right away, like other ant baits it takes almost 24 hours to react and kill the ants. Mix cornmeal, borax and a teaspoon of sugar and distribute bait in different locations or near the nest.

DE and Sugar Ant Bait to Get Rid of Ghost Ants:

get rid of sugar ants De

Diatomaceous Earth and sugar ghost ant bait are fairly easy to create. Mix equal quantities of Diatomaceous Earth and sugar. Place the containers indoors and outdoors. Food grade diatomaceous earth can also be sprinkled directly on ants as a pesticide.

Using Mint to Get Rid of Ghost Ants:

get rid of sugar ants mint

Another natural method to repel ghost is by using mint. Crush dried mint leave and scatter it around areas where ghost ants are commonly being spotted.


chalk to get rid of sugar ants

Chalk won’t kill or repel the ghost ants. What chalk does is that it creates a barrier which the ghost ants cannot cross. Chalk powder can be used to create this barrier between ants and the main entryways.

Use Brine to Get Rid of Ghost Ants:

brine to get rid of sugar ants

A salt solution can kill ants on contact. To make a brine solution mix salt and warm water. Spray on ants and leave the solution overnight. Wipe clean the surface in the morning.

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