odorous house ants

Odorous house ants, as the name suggests emit a foul smell when crushed. These ants are considered a pest if they find their way inside the structures in search of food.  These ants do not sting but will bite if they feel threatened.  Although this species of ant does not cause structural damage yet having them around can be annoying and unpleasant.  Read on to figure out how to get rid of odorous house ants.

Identifying Odorous Ants:

identify odorous house ants

These ants are commonly dark brown or black in colour and 1/6 to 1/8 inches in length. Odorous house ants have an oval-shaped segmented body. These ants might look similar to carpenter ants but there are quite a few differences. Carpenter ants damage the wood and are relatively larger in size whereas odorous house ants are a nuisance. They do not cause structural damage and are smaller in size.  Moisture and food attract these ants into the house. They commonly feed on honeydew, other insects that are dead or alive, dead animals, plant nectar, pet food and other leftover food like crumbs etc.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Odorous House Ants

remedies to get rid of odorous ants

Like other species of ants, odorous house ants also leave a pheromone trail to follow back to their nests.  We’ll be focusing on masking the pheromone trail along with other natural solutions to get rid of them.

Vinegar Ant-Repellent Spray

vinegar ant repellent

Does vinegar kill ants? Although vinegar will not kill the odorous house ants on the spot unless the ants are drowned in a solution, but it will mask the pheromone trail of ants, leaving them confused and unable to reach their nests. Mix half a cup of vinegar in two to three cups of water. Use this spray on entryways and ant trails.


Essential Oil to Get Rid of Odorous House Ants

essential oil to get rid of ants

Essential oils can be used to clear the pheromone trail as well as to kill the odorous house ants. You can choose from a variety of essential oils, each with a different set of properties to get rid of ants. Lemon, Orange and Clove essential oils can penetrate the exoskeleton of ants and kill them.

Soap to Suffocate Odorous Ants

soap to get rid of odorous ants

Mix two tablespoons of liquid soap into three cups of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray directly on to ants. It can also be used to flood the ant nest. The soap clings to their tiny bodies and suffocates them.

Borax Odorous Ant Bait

borax ant bait

Borax ant baits are not only easy to make but also very effective in getting rid of odorous house ants. Mix two tablespoon of borax powder to one cup sugar or three tablespoons of honey. Place the bait where the ants are commonly spotted or near the ant nest.

Diatomaceous Earth Odorous Ant Bait

Diatomaceous earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous earth is used both as ant bait and as a pesticide by directly using the powder on ants or ant nest. To make DE ant bait mix 2 tablespoons of Diatomaceous earth to one cup sugar. Divide the ant bait in different containers. Place in entryways and near the ant nest. 

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