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Do not mistake the black ants you are spotting on your pavement for sugar ants. Although pavement ants and sugar ants look identical, they are two different species of ants. Pavement ants get their name from their nesting habits which are mostly outdoors underground, under the sidewalks, inside cracked pavements and in lawns. Indoors pavement ants nest in insulation, under floors and in walls. It is important to figure out how to get rid of pavement ants because these ants can also form nests under the foundation of your building structure.

Identifying Pavement ants:

identify pavement ants

Pavement ants are commonly black or dark brown in colour. Their size varies from 1/8 to 1/16 inches long. They have antennae with twelve segments. These ants have a segmented body with parallel lines running across their head and thorax. Pavement ants with wings can be commonly seen during their breeding season which is between May and July. Colonies of pavement ants have multiple queens; this queen after swarming sheds its wings falls down and starts a new colony. Although pavement ants do not bite humans unless threatened, their last abdominal section has a stinger.

What do Pavement Ants feed on?

pavement ants feed on

Pavement ants will feed on almost anything. Most commonly they feed on food that s sweet and greasy. These ants also feed on dead insects and meat.  Pavement ants are nocturnal, hence commonly seen marching about at night.

Get Rid of Pavement Ant Infestation:

Although pavement ants are harmless, yet it’s not a very pleasant sight having swarms of ants flying or marching about your personal space. Read on to know how to get rid of pavement ants.

Get Rid of Pavement Ants Using Borax:

borax to kill pavement ants

Using ant bait is the best solution to get rid of pavement ants if their nesting location is unknown. Ant bait, however, might not work for Pavement ants with wings, especially during their swarming season. Borax to kill ants can be used in many ways.  Mix Half cup sugar to 1 ½ tbsp of borax powder, pour in ½ c of water and mix well. This ant bait can be used as it is or by dipping cotton balls into this sticky mixture. Place the bait balls in different locations; stick these in nook and corners of the pantries as well to poison the pavement ants.

Using Hot water to get Rid of Pavement ant Nest:

It’s easier to clear an ant infestation if their nesting location is known. A very simple and easy solution is to pour boiling water into the ant nest. This will kill the whole colony of ants instantly.

Using Soap Spray on Winged Pavement Ants:

It can be a bit tricky to get rid of flying pavement ants. Pouring boiling water on them is not an option and can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries. To get rid of pavement ants with wings mix 2 c water with 2 tbsp of liquid dishwashing soap and ½ c  of vinegar.  Mix well in a spray bottle. Use this spray generously on the flying ants.  The soap will cling to their bodies and suffocate them to death. The solution can also be used on pavement ants without wings and even on the ant nest.

Using Vinegar Spray to get Rid of Sugar Ants:

Mix ½ c of vinegar to 3 c of water and spray the mixture on all entryways and ant trails. This will not only deter but also repel the ants.  The pungent scent or vinegar will mask the pheromone trail of pavement ants, disrupting them. You can also opt for Apple cider vinegar to get rid of ants. 

Diatomaceous Earth Ant Bait to Kill Pavement Ants:

Diatomaceous earth ant bait works pretty much like borax ant baits, except for that it penetrates the wax coating of ants and kills them by dehydration. To make DE ant bait mix Diatomaceous earth and Sugar in equal quantities.  A Food grade DE powder can be used directly on Pavement ants and their nests.

Prevent and Control Pavement Ant Infestation:

  • Fill cracks, seal gaps, fix water leakage.
  • Keep Food covered and sealed.
  • Focus on good sanitation in and around the home.

Trim and cut branches and shrubs touching the building structure

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